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Dusk to Dawn - Keeping on - Keeping on

April 2019

Back at it like we never missed a step - 2018 is here and as ever we are on the move, onward and upward. Wishing all a great year with whatever you want to communicate to the world. 

#getonthegoodfoot #2018 #soundsofcreation

Januar 2018

Merry Christmas! Deck the hall with boughs of holly, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! 'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! We are fully into the spirit of the season. We have been playing every Christmas song known to Man for the last few weeks - here is a sample of our favourites.
Happy Christmas to you all!

#froheweihnachten #gutenrutsch #feliznavidad #weg3soundsofcreation

Dezember 2017

It's been a long time I shouldn't have left you. Without a strong rhyme to step to. And today we are celebrating - Friday - a good week - meeting new people - whatever - We are feeling good!

#noshuffleplay #showyoursoul #talknotreble #weg3soundsofcreation

Juni 2017

Today the sounds of creation grooves like this. Link it - Download it and turn it up just because it feels good! #feelthefreude #shakeyourtailfeather #weg3soundsofcreation

April 2017

A sounds of creation playlist with classic touches of soul, power and love. We are into our flow and enjoying the ride so far 2017. WEG 3 stands for positive communication for all - so "Get Up to Get Down" and see... #whattheworldneedsnow #putaspringinyourstep

February 2017

A sounds of creation playlist to kick off the year full of positive grooves and determination. We have big plans for you 2017 and we are ready for whatever you throw at us. #2017Let'sGo! #nochoctilleaster #weg3soundsofcreation

January 2017

A sounds of creation playlist from the D to the I to the S, C, O - all the grooves you can eat - so move your feet, warm up or get down. Last night of the year - Make it count! Next year is going to be BETTER!!
#GetCloser #Celebrate #GutenRutsch2017 #weg3soundsofcreation

30 December 2016

A sounds of creation playlist wishing all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2017! We hope you are close to achieving your goals and closer still to what, for you, is really important.
#GetCloser #Celebrate #Refresh #weg3soundsofcreation

Dezember 2016

A sounds of creation playlist from the heart where there are few words but many feelings.
#4UWL #ForMarcel #weg3soundsofcreation

Dezember 2016

A WEG 3 sounds of creation playlist compiled for MAXIMUM POWER to take on anything the day can throw at you! So play loud #kickass 
#belikerocky #4UWL #weg3soundsofcreation 

September 2016

A WEG 3 sounds of creation playlist born out of belief in the power of diversity and that positive energy can change the world for the better. So play loud #makeitfunky #skanklikenobodyiswatching #turnupto11 #weg3soundsofcreation

August 2016

Our Art Director Sandra shows in this playlist a refined taste for a deeper set of emotions. There is real power here cherry picked from across the decades - just good music. #thinkingisgood #learnthewords #feelthemusic 

Juli 2016

This playlist is from our Senior Art Director Interactive - Nic. He’s originally from South Africa, but there is an interesting German Rap influence in his playlist... #peterfox #fettes/brott #rippingandthetearing

Juni 2016

Our head of Accounts Marcel created a playlist that is all kinds of fine... raw, edgy, serious and fun! Go on do a moonwalk - I dare you!! #smoothcriminal #headbanging #handsintheair 

Mai 2016

Our post-production hero Patrik is a lover of the deep beat, but with at least 160 bpm. If you can fight your way past the techno you find also a softer side with lots of soul. #givememore #handsintheair #weneedbiggerspeakers 

April 2016

Still waters run deep and that is very much so with Moritz our successful Azubi. He has flown the nest for further adventures but he has left this last sonic gift for us. #keeplearning #neversettle #allthewaynorway 

Januar 2016